We have established the Cybersecurity Laboratory with the mission of "resolving domestic and international cyber security issues" and "creating a forum for discussions to that end.

Our Mission

As information systems and the Internet become the social infrastructure, "malicious cyber activities" in cyberspace, i.e., cyber attacks, are leading to damage in the real world. In the international community, cyber-attacks have been effective "without provoking retaliation" and have caused significant damage. Furthermore, cyber attackers know that they will not provoke retaliation, and will continue to exploit "sub-threshold cyber attacks" in a variety of situations. The security, resilience, and reliability of our social and information systems are now most needed.
In light of this situation, in April 2020, we established the Cyber Security Institute at Meiji University with the mission of "resolving various issues related to cyber security in Japan and abroad" and "creating a forum for discussion for such issues. The Cybersecurity Research Institute aims to identify complex and sophisticated cybersecurity issues and to solve or minimize them through technical approaches such as computer science and social science. We will also create a forum for discussion to promote these efforts.
Some of the issues we deal with at the Cyber Security Institute include, for example, technologies for tracking in cyberspace, diagnosing vulnerabilities, and exerting influence on social networks.
In addition, the goal is not only to publish research results in academic papers, but also to implement them in society and make proposals to society, with the aim of giving them back to society at large.

Organization structure

In the Cyber Security Research Institute, each group works as a unit according to its research purpose.

  • Research and Development Project Group
  • Cyber Defense Group

External Cooperation

The Cyber Security Institute will address the issues in cooperation with the following organizations.